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For simplicity and popularity, candles have become the all purpose Witches’ tool. They are used for spells, rituals, prayer, and to create sacred space. The candle flame has been believed to be a doorway to the Spirit World for many thousands of years. Some magickal practitioners describe the candle as a focus point for magickal work but it is much more than that. The candle emits light energy, imbued with the intention of the Witch who charges it to manifest results. Thus the candle continues to do magick after your ritual is complete.
In some Wiccan rituals, consecrated white candles are placed on altars and at
the four quarters of a magic circle.  If a ritual calls for it, candles are placed at the
points of a pentagram.

Colored candles are used in many magical spells; each color has its own vibration,
attribute, symbolism and influences.

As part of the preparation for casting a spell, rub a candle with anointing oil while concentrating on the purpose of the spell.  The formula of the oil will be determined by
the purpose of the spell.  Or, write a spell on a candle and then burn it.

The following are some of the energy vibrations and influences evoked by colors.
Burning colored candles in magical work enhances the vibration of the colors.

Spiritual truth and strength; purity and purification; meditation; attract benevolent spiritual forces; break curses; feminine principle.

Love and friendship; harmony; entertaining; morality; domestic tranquility;
the sign of Cancer.

Sexuality; strength; physical health and vigor; passion; protection; the signs of
Scorpio and Aries; masculine principle.

Courage; communication; solving of legal problems; concentration; encouragement;
the sign of Taurus.

Persuasion; confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying; the signs of
Virgo and Gemini.

Healing; money and prosperity; luck; fertility; the sign of Sagittarius.

Psychic and spiritual awareness; peace; prophetic dreams; protection during sleep;
the signs of Aquarius and Virgo.

Ambition; ruling authority; reversing a curse; speeding healing in illness; extra power;
the sign of Pisces; lavender for the sign of Libra.

Protection; enlightenment; masculine principle; the Sun; the sign of Leo.

Intuition; subconscious; feminine principle; the Moon.

Protecting pets; solving household problems; attracting help in financial crisis;
the sign of Capricorn.

Stalemate; neutrality; cancellation.

Loss; sadness; discord; releasement; negativity.

Candle magick is magick performed exclusively with candles. Candles used can be
fashioned by the witch his/herself or purchased from a local provider.  It is believed that
candle magick is the most successful when the witch makes his or her own candles.
This allows the candles to be made for a specific purpose, thus increasing their
magickal strength.

There are numerous books on crafting candles and there are simple candle making kits that can be purchased at just about every craft store in your area. 

Although creating one’s own candles is suggested, purchasing candles for
magickal use is fine as well.