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The Magickal World Of
Crystals and Gemstones
These glittery minerals have a magical power given them by humans since Neolithic times.  In those early days of human culture they were used as amulets, god images and charms.

Through out history, precious stones have held a mystical power over royalty and commoner alike, who valued both their beauty and the symbolic power meanings they represented.  They have a unique quality that inspires some people to exceed their own human abilities and limitations, by providing them with an esoteric power that they believe operates on their behalf.

You do not need to know the exact properties of every stone in order to buy one.  It is more important to be receptive and allow yourself to be drawn to
a stone that will have meaning for you.  Simply stand in front of a group
of crystals, close your eyes and relax, and when you open them choose
the one you feel most drawn to.

Different crystals have different energies and properties.  They can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.  Simply holding the right crystal at the right time can bring about a change in our attitude and well being.  You don't necessarily need to look up the meaning each time
you do this.  Over time you may acquire a number of crystals.  Just take
hold of the one you feel drawn to.

When buying crystals, it is wise to cleanse them of any negative energy
that they may previously have absorbed. Use your intuition and you cannot
go far wrong.  If one day you feel a crystal no longer belongs in your home,
it may be time to give it away.  As you change you may find that you
want different crystals around you, although many will stay with you
happily for a long time.

The right crystal can affect the energy of an environment, and the energy
it holds can influence you, whether you simply hold it in your hand or
place it by your bed or on the mantelpiece.  Crystal healers use their knowledge of the stones and of the patient in the healing process.  There are various methods of healing with crystals, such as placing crystals on and around a person while they are lying down, or using a wand or point to focus love, energy and intent on the other person, in a way that relates
specifically to their ailment and needs.

As with many objects used for divination and healing, a crystal can only do harm in the wrong hands.  A crystal healer only uses a crystal as a tool.
A great crystal does not make a great crystal healer, just as a great
paintbrush does not make a great painter.

You do need to take some care if you are looking for a crystal healer.
Try to get a recommendation.  Speak to the healer before accepting treatment. If you don't feel you would trust them in some everyday matter,
neither should you trust them with your well being.

AGATE:   All agates enhance other stones.
AGATE, MOSS:   Decreases depression, restores mental balance.
AGATE:   Sharpens mind.
ALEXANDERITE:  Increases self-esteem.
AMBER:   Improves decision making.
AQUAMARINE:   Improves expression.
BLOODSTONE:   Courage, helps self-actualization.
CHRYSOPHASE:   Tranquilizes, sharpens perception.
CORAL:   Eases depression, dispels nightmares.
DIAMOND:   Eases insecurity.
DIOPSIDE:   Relieves insecurity.
EMERALD:   Aids working closely with others.
FLUORITE:   Increases intuition.
GARNET:   Enhances imagination.
HEMATITE:   Grounds, protects.
JASPER:   Increases endurance, courage.
LAPIS LAZULI:  Improves communication.
MALACHITE:   Dispels stress, anxiety
MOONSTONE:   Improves intuition and receptivity.
OBSIDIAN:   Wards off negativity, grounds.
OPAL:   Promotes love, joy, emotional balance.
PEARL:   Reduces over-sensitivity, peaceful.
PERIDOT:   Extends patience.
PYRITE:   Dispels anxiety.
RHODOCHROSITE:   Strengthens self- identity.
QUARTZ, AMETHYST:   Guards against excess.
QUARTZ, CELESTITE:   Calming influence.
QUARTZ, CITRINE:   Reinforces self-confidence.
QUARTZ, ROSE:   Tranquilizes, calms.
QUARTZ, SMOKY:   Balances emotions.
QUARTZ, WHITE:   Promotes healing, an energizer.
RUBY:   Increase confidence, leadership skills.
SAPPHIRE:   Mood elevator, improves communication.
SODALITE:   Fosters harmony and communication.
TIGER'S EYE:   Balances material and physical needs.
TOPAZ:   Relaxes, balances.
TOURMALINE, BLACK:   Protective, guards against bad vibes.
TURQUOISE:   Healing, protection.

ARIES:   Diamond, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Chrysoprase
TAURUS:   Emerald, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz
GEMINI:   Pearl, Agate, Aventurine
CANCER:   Ruby, Pearl, Rhodochrosite
LEO:   Peridot, Amber, Carnelian, Citrine
VIRGO:   Sapphire, Agate, Aventurine
LIBRA:   Opal, Peridot, Chrysoprase
SCORPIO:   Topaz, Kunzite, Tourmiliated Quartz
SAGITTARIUS:   Turquoise, Zircon, Suglite
CAPRICORN:   Garnet, Amber, Hematite, Apache Tear
AQUARIUS:   Amethyst., Fossils, Lapis Lazuli
PISCES:   Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Crystals and gemstones are powerful familiars no practitioner of the Craft should be without. 

A familiar is an ally, totem, helper,
or guardian spirit, one honored for
the empowerment and protection it can provide. 

Stones function as familiar spirits in much the same way as the plant and animal helpmates we hear so much about.  They can bring us the questions we need to ask ourselves, and the answers that we seek.

Stones in particular give us a sense
of cosmic security in a rapidly changing world because they represent a solid, living, indestructible, and absolute reality.

Indeed, crystals and gemstones are very much alive, and can assist us in our magical work should ever the
need arise.
Apache Tears
Blue Quartz
Rose Quartz