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Fairy Magick

When you read this you might laugh, but it's true . . . . .
Getting fairies to befriend you isn't so much about doing spells.  It's about becoming the kind of person they like to be friends with,
so here are a few suggestions:

Be kind and gentle to all living things. 
Be polite, don't argue or call names.
Share with others and keep your promises. 
Don't hurt anyone who isn't hurting you,
Don't be hateful to people who are different from you. 
After all, fairies are different too.

Fairies can be very helpful in magick, as they have a lot of power and they are certainly not ignorant when it comes to using it.  Fairies know a great deal of magick and glamour themselves, so, if you can get them to trust you,
they can be a great help.

Fairies, with the exception of a small few, hate love spells
and will not be able to help you with them.  Love isn't a big thing on the Astral Plane, so they really don't understand it and can't work for it. 
Selfish spells, for only self improvement, are not good spells to ask for
help with either.

Fairies will gladly help, when asked correctly and well thanked by offerings, with spells that benefit others and nature.

Fairy Offerings

If you want to attract fairies to your home you should
leave some food offerings.  This will give the fairies something they want
and it leads them to trust you.

Try leaving small cakes, candies, ginger, etc.  They also love gardens, so you leave some of these offerings there, in a bowl or basket. 

Don't look for the offerings to disappear because the fairies don't physically eat them.  Fairies are capable of taking the energy from the offerings, rather than taking the offering itself.  Of course, if an animal comes along and eats the offering, this is a good sign.  Don't send it away.  It may be the fairy in animal form coming for its present.

Planting roses, bluebells, thyme, etc. will also help attract them to you.

Thank the fairies when you're done, but give them an offering too.
Remember, they prefer food and trinkets to a simple little "thanks".