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Anything of the earth can be a witches power.  The traditional Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the most commonly practiced.  Witches can create charms, binding spells, potions and herbal mixes for the ill.  They can bless you and curse you.

Cats are their Magical Helpers.

A familiar is an animal that a witch can connect with to heighten her energy level and awareness.  By using a familiar, a witch can focus her energy through the animal with more power and force than they could alone.

The infamous black cat with green eyes have the strongest energy of any familiar species alive.  Familiars are sensitive to psychic vibrations and power and are welcomed partners.
A familiar in my way of thinking, is an individual who has entered into a mutually beneficial relationship with you, and therefore should be afforded the respect and consideration due a partner.  They come to guide you, help, warn and to give  you messages.   Cats were certainly not the only animals thought to be  used by witches as familiars. 



Modern day witches describe familiars as magical helpers with whom they have a psychic connection.  Rather than going out and doing evil, familiars are said to warn a witch of danger, protect her and defend her.
My Familiars
Perhaps surprisingly, TOADS top the list of familiars in medieval stories.  Toads were strongly associated with the devil; in fact, it was said that when the devil chose to turn himself into an animal, the toad was his first choice.  Toad parts were said to be common ingredients in witch potions.  Beyond cats and toads, other animals were thought to be used as familiars; dogs, wolves, snakes, blackbirds, owls, spiders and more.
Salem II
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