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"Man's best friend" killed for fur?

It's not just a bad dream.!

PETA recently conducted an undercover investigation into the Chinese
dog and cat fur trade to show you what the industry is so desperate to hide. Even their veteran investigators were horrified at what they found.

Millions of dogs and cats in China are being bludgeoned, hanged, bled
to death, and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur can be turned
into trim and trinkets.

When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms recently, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them.

When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an
animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe.

Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle
too hard to allow a clean cut. When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals' heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile
of those who have gone before them.

This fur is often deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species and is exported to countries throughout the world to be sold to unsuspecting customers in retail stores.

China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States, so the bottom line is that because dog and cat fur is so often mislabeled, if you're buying fur, there's no way to tell whose skin you're wearing.


A Shocking Look In to Chinese Fur Farms

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Video Expose by Martha Stewart


Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals' hearts are still beating 5 to 10 minutes after they are skinned.
One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare into the camera.
The fur ads you might see in magazines and commercials portray fur coats as a symbol of elegance.  But these ads fail to show how the original owners of these coats met their gruesome deaths.

Millions of fur-bearing animals including foxes, raccoons, minks, coyotes, bobcats, lynxes, opossums, nutria, beavers, muskrats, otters, and others are killed each year on fur farms by anal and vaginal electrocution and in the wild by drowning, trapping, or beating.

Killed For Your Coat