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Hermitage Castle, Scotland

Parts of Hermitage Castle date back to the 13th century.  The castle was built for
the Dacres family, but eventually became one of the Douglas castles, and then
the Earl of Bothwell.  The 4th Earl of Bothwell was visited at Hermitage by
Mary, Queen of Scots who later married him.

Needless to say, Mary's ghost has been seen in the castle, but the ghostly screams which are said to be heard from time to time are attributed to an earlier owner
who dabbled in witchcraft.

Castle Guthrie, Scotland

This castle is now a hotel and visitors can stay overnight in the "Ghost Suite".

It obtained its reputation after a visit by the Bishop of St. Andrews in 1620.

While he was there a ghost of the former Lady Guthrie came back to make sure
he was comfortable.  Since then she has returned to look after whoever is sleeping
in that suite.   And the guests in the hotel say it has been the most peaceful sleep
they have ever experienced.

Glamis Castle, Scotland

Here the young and beautiful Lady Glamis was accused by King James V of being
a witch, and was burned at the stake in 1537.

Another ghost is said to be the 4th Earl of Crawford who haunts a room where he played cards.   It is said he has been seen on many occasions.

Windsor Castle, Britain

The Castle has been embroiled in legends of suicide, witchcraft and demonic ghosts.

One of the most famous ghosts reported at the Castle is that of King Henry VIII.

Guests at the castle have reported hearing his footsteps along the long hallways of
the Castle.   Some have even claimed to hear his moans and groans!

Then there was King Charles I, who has been seen in the castles library.  Although he was beheaded, he is seen as a whole person.

King George III who for many years suffered at the hands of mental illness, is seen
in the windows directly below the Royal library.  This was the place that he was
kept for many years due to his illness.

Sir George Villiers is said to haunt one of the castles bedrooms, and the castles long walk is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts, including that of a soldier whom
while on guard duty, is said to have committed suicide after he saw statues in
the castle moving on their own.   He shot himself!

Castle Fraser, Scotland

This castle was originally owned by the Fraserís in the 15th century.   The castle
is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

While there are no reported ghosts in the castle, it was in the 19th century that a
young woman was murdered in the castle and her body dragged down the stairs.

It was said that the stains on the stone stairs kept reappearing, despite strenuous efforts to remove them by the servants.  The stairs are now covered in wood.
Fraeylemaborg, The Netherlands

Sometimes you can hear the distant cries of a young boy, who was hanged innocent
for a crime he didn't commit.  A theft was discovered at the castle, but the bailiff couldn't solve the crime.  The lady of the castle knew who the thief was;  it was her parlor maid.  But she told her husband that it was the son of a servant to save
her maid. 

The boy was arrested immediately and was to be hanged.  The lady of the house
tried to persuade her husband not to do such a drastic thing, but he didn't want to
hear of it. 

Before the boy was hanged he cried out loud that he was innocent, but nobody came
to save him.

His cries still can be heard in the wind that blows around the castle.
There are many castles through out the world and most are known to be haunted in some way.  Most of them are associated with ghosts, apparitions, strange noises and strange occurrences.  They have histories in some cases dating back hundreds of years. 

Here is just a small selection of these stories I have read and found to be rather interesting.  For those of you who are interested in hauntings, I hope you enjoy reading about them too.
Baldoon Castle, Scotland

The ruins themselves, quiet and deserted and with an air of tragedy about them, are haunted by the ghost of Janet Dalrymple.  In the middle of  the 17th century,  Janet was forced by her parents to marry David Dunbar, heir of Sir David Dunbar of Baldoon.  Janet loved the practically penniless Archibald, third Lord of Rutherford.  Finally worn down by her parents persistent objections to Archibald,  Janet married David Dunbar.

After being forced to abandon the man she really loved, she became insane and stabbed David Dunbar on her wedding night.  It was said that the door of the Bridal Chamber was broken down after hideous shrieks were heard from within.  The bridegroom was found lying across the threshold, dreadfully wounded and streaming with blood.  The story tells of  the bride being crouched in a corner, her white gown splashed with blood, grinning and muttering and quite insane.

She never recovered and died shortly afterwards, on September 12th, 1669.  Dunbar is said to have recovered from his wounds, but refused to discuss the events of his bridal night.

Whatever the events of that night were, they seem to have left their mark on the castle and area forever.  There are some who claim to have seen the sad and awesome ghost of  Janet wandering pathetically among the quiet ruins in here blood stained white gown, most often on the anniversary of her death.
The Tower of London, England

The "Tower of London" ranks as one of the most haunted Castles in Britain.
It is the oldest fortress, palace and prison of its type anywhere in Europe.  It has
a 400 hundred year history of executions ranging from hanging, beheading, to being hung or drawn and quartered.

The first documented sighting of a ghost at the tower was that of Thomas A. Becket.
It was reported that during the construction of an inner curtain wall, he appeared and showed his anger at the construction by reducing the wall to a pile of rubble.

Probably the most persistent ghost is that of Queen Anne Boleyn.  On learning that
the baby she was carrying was a boy, and heir to the Kings throne, she sadly went
on to miscarry the child and was subsequently beheaded on the grounds of adultery and treason.  Queen Anne is buried under the chapel's altar, and her body has been seen to walk the corridors of the Tower.

One of the most gruesome hauntings is that of the Countess of Salisbury.  At the age
of 70, she was given the death penalty on political grounds.  As she strode up to the block to be beheaded, she refused to place her neck on the block as all others did.  Subsequently she fled the scene and was chased by the executioner.   He apparently hacked at her body until she fell down dead.   She is said to be seen wandering around and only recognizable by the dress she wore at the time she was executed.

Although not an apparition, the haunting in the Salt Tower is for some, very real and very frightening.  Said to be one of the most haunted areas in the tower's complex, dogs will not enter this area at all.  Ever since the foundations of the Tower were
laid in 1078, men called Warders have stood watch over the buildings and the
prisoners who were sent there.  One of the Warders would not enter after dark after
he told how he was almost throttled by a strong but unseen force.

As recently as 1995, an American tourist was taking photographs of the Tower.
She took a picture of Traitor's Gate.  On having the film developed, you can clearly
see what appears to be a hand wearing a 16th century Warders Uuniform.

Craigievar Castle, Scotland

Seven storeys high, Craigievar Castle was owned initially by the Mortimer family and
then the Forbes who completed the castle in 1626.  It is now owned by the
National Trust for Scotland.

It is said to be haunted by a member of the Gordon family who was
murdered there.  He was murdered by Sir John Forbes who forced him out of a high
window at sword point.
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