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Recently I made a new friend online by the name of Dan. 
Dan is from Southern California and drives a semi along the
West Coast.

Dan and I spent quite a bit of time chatting the first evening we met . . . he from his laptop computer (he is a former computer programmer)
in his big rig and I from my computer at home. 

After having a wonderful conversation,
Dan posted some photos for me to view. 

Gosh, when I saw those photos it was . . . .

Love At First Sight

Oh please, don't misunderstand me,
it wasn't Dan I fell in love with.
Dan is a devoted husband, with a lovely wife
and wonderful children
at home in Southern California.

It was Harri, his traveling companion,

that I was head over heels about.

Let me introduce you . . . 

This is ' Harri '
What a Cutie!

Harri is short for Harriet.

She is an 8 month old Orange Tabby who is Dan’s constant
traveling companion. 

They are known as . . . “Dan and Harri Roadcats” . . . cute isn’t it. 

Dan rescued Harri in the state of Illinois about  4 ˝ months ago,
when Harri was 3 ˝ months old.  Dan was going to take her back
home to Southern California with him to join the rest of his feline family, however, Harri enjoyed being on the truck so much
that Dan decided to keep her with him. 

As you can see by the photos posted here, Harri is really enjoying herself.  She is such a precious little kitty . . . and I love her dearly
even though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person. 

Of course, those of you who know me, know how much I love kitties, so I hope you will enjoy Harri’s photos as much as I do.
On The Road Again
Which toy should I play with next?
Hmm . . . Maybe I'll do something else?
Let's see what's going on outside.
Time for a 'Cat Nap'.
Yum Yum . . . Dad always gives me such great snacks.
Well I'm ready to get back out on the road.
This page is dedicated to 'Harri'
who guides and protects her master in their travels.

May Love and Light be with you both Always.

Love and Big Hugs,
An Update On Harri . . . .
Harri Now