Harri is the sweetest little kitty ever!


I wrote a profile of Harri back in April 2005.   At the time she was the

traveling companion of Dan who was a truck driver.


Harri so loved traveling the entire West Coast of the United States.

However, Dan has since given his job up as a truck driver

and pursued other opportunities in the computer field.


Unfortunately this meant no more days on the road.  Which was good for

Dan, but not Harri, as she just loved traveling.


So now Harri was a stay at home kitty.   She now focused her attentions

on the other stay at home kitties in the family.


In June 2005, Harri took seriously ill.   Somehow she contracted an infection

which settled in her lungs, making breathing very difficult.


Dan immediately rushed her to the Animal Hospital and they placed Harri

in ICU.   Due to the severity of her condition it was necessary for them

to insert a tube into her lungs to drain the excess fluids so she could breath.






Photos of Harri at the Animal Hospital.








Below are some of the photos of her while in ICU.







Harri at home after an outstanding recovery.






A note from Harri  . . . . .




Harry is home now and doing wonderful which I'm so pleased to report.


If you viewed my previous profile of her you will have noticed that she

was just an itty bitty kitty then.


I must say she has grown into a beautiful young lady. 


Dan and I don't keep in touch as much as we would like due to the fact of

our time differences and schedules, but the last time I spoke with Dan

he said Harri was doing very well, which I'm so very pleased to hear.


Our prayers are with you Harri to stay healthy and well,

and to always be a happy kitty.


Luv you Sweetie,























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