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There was no need for me to write about this subject, as an
exceptional job has already been done.

PETA conducted an undercover investigation on
Kentucky Fried Chicken and it's affiliates
to show you what the industry is so desperately trying to hide.

Even their veteran investigators were horrified at what they found.

KFCs own Animal Welfare Advisors have asked the company
to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so.

Many advisors have now resigned in frustration.

The abuse and cruelty is overwhelming.  It's hard to believe
that a human being would inflict such suffering and pain on
such helpless creatures . . . . but they do!

View the video below and see first hand some of the sadistic
abuse being performed.


The content of this video is extremely shocking and disturbing,
and is not recommened to be viewed by young childen.

The above link also includes information along with the video.

Will you join in to help stop this abuse?

Join the others in their fight to stop this cruelty to animals.

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