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M is for Magick, it's what we do
A is for athame our too so true
G is Goddess who we love and revere
I is for independence may it be given to all
C is circle, our sacred shape it's true
K is for Kerridwen a goddess of old
A is for apples that fill our harvest time bowls
L is for love, may it be the only law

G is for goodness, let yours shine through
O is for Osirus another ancient god
D is for devotion to the ancients laws
D is also for Dagda, a god and father to all
E is for the Earth, to me, most beautiful in Fall
S is for secrecy, which every good witch knows
S is also for the sun which helps all things grow.
Stirring the Cauldron round about,
with "Goddess Spirit" I do shout!

Power of Magick, flame & sphere,
Magickal blessings now appear.

Around the universe and back again,
Elements stirring with no end.

Give us strength and power of might,
to share Victory with our team tonight.