Have you seen these photos of "Painted Cats" yet?


Perhaps you've heard that people are spending thousands upon thousands

of dollars a year to have their cats painted, not to mention the

touch ups every couple of months when the cats hair grows out.


Can you believe people would do this?



Do Not Try This At Home


Painting a cat or any other animal is considered

dangerous and abusive.




































Well, if you said "No . . . you can't believe this" . . . then you are right !



First and foremost, what cat will sit still long enough for a professional artist

to do this?    If your a cat owner, then you know most will not.  Cats are just

like people . . . . they have a mind of their own and will do as they please.


And secondly, the concern would be the paint.  Cats are constant groomers.

What happens when they lick their fur? 

Even so called harmless dyes can be toxic to a cat !



Therefore, I decided to do some searching on the internet to see if these

cats were actually painted or a spoof.



I'm happy to report that there is no cause for anger or alarm.


Though the cats are real, the paint jobs are not.


The only painting done here was on a computer screen using

Photo Shop.



This was an extremely unique idea put together by a writer and an artist.


And it was put together strictly for entertainment purposes.




For further information and verification refer to:    Snopes.com









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