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Brenda  ~  Missouri
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2/6/06  She has grown so!
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This is a sad story with a very happy ending!

During the Christmas Holidays of 2005, someone no longer wanted this precious puppy and decided to abandon her by throwing her from a moving vehicle.

Due to Mel's severe injuries, it was thought that she might have to be put to sleep.

My dear friend Brenda, who loves animals so, said . . . .  NO!

She took the puppy to a local Vet, but unfortunately he wouldn't treat the injured animal because Brenda was not it's owner.

So . . . Brenda took the puppy home and tended to the wounds herself.
After lots of tender loving care, Mel is now recovering nicely. 

Mel is so happy in her new home with all her new brothers and sisters. 

Your an Angel Brenda
for saving this innocent little creature.

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2002 to March 19th, 2006
Petey Lost His Life Being A Hero!

This adorable little fur baby lost his life saving the family pet rabbits.

A neighbors dog entered Petey's property and attempted to kill the
family pet rabbits.

Petey, being the Sweetheart that he is, protected his little friends from
this vicious neighborhood dog.  The little rabbits were saved by
Petey, but unfortunately Petey suffered a punctured lung under the
wreath of the brutal attack of this huge mean dog.

Petey tried so hard to hang on, but his injuries were far too much to bear.
Petey was able to say a "Loving Good Bye" to his Mom and Dad,
giving them a "Loving Look" and a "Wag Of His Tail". 
Then he passed over to "Rainbow Bridge".

He is so missed by his family, and especially his brother Taco,
who cries for Petey all the time.

Yes . . .pets do have feelings and grieve too!

We all love you Petey and miss you so very much!
Brenda  ~  Missouri