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To All My Dear Friends and My New Viewers

I am contacted on a daily basis from people all over the world who are experiencing problems of some sort or another.  Most of whom just donít know where to go, or who to go to for help, so they turn to the Net.

Many are experiencing problems in their relationships.  Then there are those who have financial problems and canít get out of debt.
And of course there are many who are generally just unhappy and donít know why.  Of course, let us not leave out those who are looking for
psychic readings about what their future holds.

My answer to these people are:

There are no sure cures for anything.

If in debt see a Financial Counselor.

Psychic Readings are done by Psychics and Fortune Tellers.

If anyone asks you for money over the phone or on the net
for their services then BEWARE. 

There are many good psychics, spell casters and practitioners, but there are many psychic scam artists too.

I am a very compassionate person.  Happiness and the well being of others
is an important factor to me, and if I can help someone in some way
I will gladly do so.   Most of the time one only needs anotherís opinion
on a situation, or just someone to talk to, either because they are lonely
or just need to unburden themselves of their problems. 
Strangely enough, it seems to be easier at times to talk to a stranger
than oneís own family members. 

Nevertheless, I am here because I care, and I wish to volunteer my time. 
I do not ask for money and do not accept offerings.

Recently I came upon a site while surfing the net, and I would like to pass it on to everyone.  I have no connection or experience with same, however,
it appeared to be quite interesting and possibly helpful,
so I have posted a link below for those of you who may be interested. 

The Love Spells Scam Reporter
Exposing Fraudulent Love Spell Scams, Psychic Scams and Witch Scams


Please don't misunderstand me... there are a number of authentic
practitioners, spell casters, psychics, and other Ďmetaphysiciansí offering
a wide variety of services to the general public. Most of these practitioners ARE honestly concerned for their clients and sincere about their work.
. . . . . .
as quoted by the Scam Reporter
My Comment: I totally agree!

I hope this has been helpful and answers any questions and concerns
you may have.

Brightest Blessings As Always