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My name is
Salem and I am a Witch

I am centuries old (my former lives being of cats) and I am presently 49 years old in human years.  I am 5' 2" and weigh 120 lbs.  I have been told I look younger than my years, which of course makes me extremely happy. 

My 'Familiars' are my cats, whom I  just adore and needless to say are very spoiled.  
On May 19th, 2007, I married a wonderful man named David, who is a
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
We reside in Southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

You shall find no photos posted here.  Unfortunately it is impossible due to my beliefs.  Most people frown upon witches, believing that they have a connection with Satan and are Evil, however,  that is not so in my case. Because of this, I find it necessary to keep my idenity somewhat secretative.

I am what is called a White Witch or A Good Witch.  Yes, Good Witches do exist.  The White Witch attitude is of not tearing down, but always building.   I am also a Solitary Witch, meaning that I practice alone. 
"I am a Witch! I am powerful,  I am charmed, I am me and I am a very happy successful White Witch, and I intend to enjoy life more and more each day". My beliefs are in Constructive Will, Creative Imagination, Faith and Secrecy.  My practice is in Psychic Powers of Love, Protection and Healing and I offer Friendship, Understanding, Patience and Compassion to ALL.

I shall be totally honest with you,
I do know Black Magic and VooDoo and unfortunately must admit that I have used it on occassion, but of course only for
my own protection.

I also work with the Ouija Board, however, I must warn you, it is not a game.  Evil can come and demons will prevail if you don't know how to use it properly and protect yourself from its dangers.

Well, I hope I have answered all of your questions and those of the curiousity seekers.

Once again, thank you for visiting with me and I hope you enjoy my site. 

Your Web Mistress