Thank you so very much for these lovely gifts.

Your thoughtfulness has meant so much to us.




You shall find no photos posted here.


Unfortunately it is impossible due to my beliefs.  Most people frown

upon witches, believing that they have a connection with Satan and

are Evil, however, that is not so in my case. 


Because of this and the fact that David is a Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine,

we find it necessary to keep our idenity somewhat secretative.






Greeting Cards



Prism and Brent






Leslie, Gusto, Colby, Boo and yes, Angel Streak







Wonderful Gifts





From Jen





From Mary




From Marcia





From Dottie





From Patty






From Maggie





From Cyndi





From Lil Dymun










Best Wishes and Gifts

From My Friends at Triple Ace



And many thanks to my Team Leader,

Maralyn from Triple Ace Sci Fi and Horror,

for arranging all of this.



Salem & David's Wedding Album














Salem's Den  Salem 2004 and Beyond