This is Shasta!   She is from Ontario, Canada.


Simple pleasures that she so enjoys have all been robbed from her!


Shasta cannot enjoy the more simple pleasures that all dogs enjoy outside.

She can't have a ball tossed to her to catch, nor a frizbee. She can't play

tug of war with a huge stick. 


Her muzzle doesn't allow her the simple playful times that she and her owner could have together in the neighborhood park as do other pet owners.

Why you ask?


Simply because she is a " Pit Bull" breed!


Shasta has done no wrong! 


She is a sociable, loving and a well trained dog, however, because she is of

the Pit Bull breed, the Ontario Province Of Canada recogonizes her

as a danger to society.




Read her heart wrenching story by visiting

Shasta's Story




 Read about the ban of Pit Bulls in Canada and how they want

to do away with the entire breed.

Learn about fight that is in progress to stop the banning of Pit Bulls.





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