A Horrifying Experience


Seattle, Washington

October 7th, 2006


Sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning thieves broke into an

Animal Shelter/Pet Shop killing dozens of small animals and brutalizing others.

The cruel and torturous treatment of these innocent creatures is

totally unforgivable.


Small animals were literally stomped to death on the floor, while several

of the cats were drop kicked leaving them with severe injuries.


This is so sad because many of these animals were just rescued from other

bad situations and were awaiting adoption, only to be put through this

horrific and painful experience.


Normally I don't ask for help on my website, however, I do believe the

circumstances of this situation warrant it. 


Several of the cats received extensive internal injuries.     So far, medical

personnel have determined that one of the cats is going to need surgery.  

All of this is going to be very costly.



















If you can find it in your heart and in your purse please donate to

help the funding of the medical expenses for these brutalized cats.


No amount of money in the world will ever take away the pain and fear

these innocent creatures have experienced.  But with your financial help

they will be on the road to recovery and hopefully lead a healthy and

normal life in a loving home.





Please visit the links I have listed below.   They will give you the details as to

what happened and exactly what you can do to help.









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KING5 Seattle News ~ Live Video Broadcast


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King5 Seattle News

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