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Humane Societies cannot place all unwanted animals; millions must be put to sleep.
Countless others are abandoned.
Neuter and Spay
It's the Humane Way
The fact is that there is a great over population of cats without homes.  This in itself is a good reason why you should get your cat spayed or neutered.

Unaltered cats have an urge to roam far from the house looking for a mate. 
They may travel great distances in search of a mate, risking
dangers from cars and cat fights. 

Spayed and neutered cats are more likely to be calmer, healthier and more content.  Studies show that spayed and neutered cats have average life expectancies twice as long as those of unspayed and unneutered cats.
What is Spaying?

A spay (ovariohysterectomy) is the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries from the abdomen of an animal.

What is the purpose of spaying?

The spay is the only fool proof method of birth control for female cats, and
it is a permanent method.

Will spaying eliminate heat cycles?

A spayed animal no longer goes through heat cycles.  Female cats normally
come into heat several times a year.  Females in heat will howl, pace and
may soil in the house.  This can last up to 21 days and occur three
or more times a year.  While a female cat is in heat, male cats looking for romance will howl outside your door.  Spaying ends several problems associated with the heat cycle, including spraying urine and the necessity of confining females to prevent the approaches of persistent males.

Are there other good reasons for spaying?

The risk of mammary cancer is reduced if a cat is spayed before its first heat. Also spayed pets cannot develop pyometra, a serious uterine infection.
Finally, difficult pregnancy and delivery in older cats or ill cats is prevented. 

Do cats gain weight after spaying?

Your cat will not gain weight, if you provide a balanced diet
and encourage regular exercise.

Should cats have at least one litter before being spayed?

No.  Your cat does not need to have a litter of kittens to mature.
What is Neutering?

Neutering (castration) is the surgical removal of the testicles
from the scrotum of an animal.

What is the purpose of neutering?

Neutering is the primary method of sterilizing male cats.

What are other benefits of neutering?

Unaltered male cats may start to spray their urine around your house
to mark their territory.  The intact catís urine is especially foul smelling
and can never be completely cleaned from things such as carpet, upholstery, bedding or wood.  

An unneutered cat cannot control its mating instincts. Given freedom to wander, such an animal may become hurt or lost, and is almost certain to
be responsible for unwanted litters.
See your Veterinarian!
Discuss your questions about breeding and birth control with your Veterinarian.