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Spells or the casting of spells is NOT DONE by literally throwing things together, but are done by working very specific acts of magic.

A spell has a specific kind of formula, which might use incantations, various potions, images, and implements. These elements are designed to gather magical power and direct it towards a specific purpose.

These elements are done to bewitch someone or something.
They are to affect some kind of change, or to inject magic into healing remedies or objects.

These recipes or formulas can be muttered over an herbal brew,
but the best spells are done by means of the elaborate and
mysterious ceremonies of ritual magic.

I have had many requests for spells from visitors of my site
and those who contact me via Yahoo Messenger,
who surf the net looking to Witchcraft
as a last resort to resolving their problems.

Being a Solitary Witch I make my own Spells and therefore don’t give them out, however, here are a few that I have come across which are simple to perform and you are welcome to try them if you so desire.

Before you enter the Path of Casting a Spell
know this:

Whatever you send out comes back times three.

Never harm anyone or anything.

Never use magick to tamper with the lives of other people

Never use magick to "make" someone love you.

And never use love spells to obtain a specific person.

The best thing for you to do is cast the spell for love and list the qualities you are looking for without describing a certain person.
Not responsible for any spells or invocations that don't work or have gone wrong!