If you adopt a graphic you must provide a link back to

Salem’s Den


on each and every graphic/page you use these graphics on.  


This “Adoption Tag” is available for your use. 


(Click on above graphic to download)



Please note that a page for credits is NOT acceptable!




I do not allow my graphics to be modified in any way. 

You may not alter my graphics which includes but is not limited to: 

Re-sizing, re-coloring, creating awards, adoptions, banners, logos, tubes, brushes, clipart or any other graphics.


My graphics may not be added to any collections: 

Adoptables, clipart, tubes or brushes, etc.


My work is not public domain!


The above terms apply regardless of whether you have read

“ The Terms and Rules Of Use ” or not!


Terms are subject to change without notice.






Save the graphics to our own hard drive.  DO NOT direct link! 


To save an image to your own hard drive, right-click on the image you want, choose “Save As” and save it on your hard drive. 

And then link the image to my site when using it.


DO NOT steal bandwidth!







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