If your a cat lover as I am, than you can sit and watch cat videos

for hours on end.


The following videos are just that . . . . about cats!



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Animals Guarding

Are Cats Better Than Dogs?


Can Your Cat Do This?

Cat Adopts Puppies

Cat and Bird

Cat Nursing Squirrels

Cat's Love

Clever Cat

Feeding Cat

Funny Cats 1

Funny Cats 2

Funny Kittens

Just Like A Little Baby

Kitten Loves Puppy

Kittens Growing Up

Kitten Teaser

Kitty vs Laptop

Remove Loose Fur

Stunt Cats

Sweet Little Voice

Talking Cat

Talking Cats

This Is Not Our Cat



These videos have been downloaded from the internet with the

permission from their owners.


A special thank you to each of them for sharing these special moments.






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