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Warnings Of The Unknown
Is it just a game?

When you ask the Ouija board a question, who is it that answers?

Ouija experimenters sit tense above the board.  Motionless they stare and wait.

"Is someone here?" they whisper.

"Will you talk with us this evening?"

The pointer moves.  It answers . . . . coherently, deliberately.  And if you are one of those hunched over that board when it speaks, like it or not, you're experiencing a new dimension.  But what is happening?  What force sends the planchette from letter to letter?  Are you moving the pointer?  Is your partner playing an elaborate joke on you?  Impossible.  Something is at work here.  Something very unusual.

When you ask the board questions, it answers . . . . without your deliberate influence.  Whatever is happening, you are part of it.  You set out to explore the unusual, the paranormal, and now the unusual, the paranormal, seems to be exploring you!

The Ouija board can be incredibly exciting.
It is both condemned and exalted.  There are many who are violently against it and as many who are enthusiastically for it.

The most maligned and possibly most ancient of the western religions is witchcraft, also known as Wicca, or The Craft.  Over the centuries, practitioners of witchcraft have been suppressed, even subjected to genocidal attacks.  Wicca believes that in addition to the deity and the human, other intelligences, evolving and higher than human also exist.  These evolving entities can be positive or negative in character.  Operating the Ouija board is like opening the door to your spiritual dwelling and leaving it open.  The entities might then enter, and you can't tell which one might come along.  Without taking precautions of exactly the right kind, you are making yourself vulnerable to many unpredictable experiences.

Even those people who swear by the board warn that Ouija is not a pastime for minors; not youngsters, not teenagers.

Anyone who has any type of emotional or physical disorder should avoid using the board.  Successful Ouija experimentation draws a considerable amount of energy.  This is serious in several ways.  It depletes a body already struggling for the reestablishment of a healthy inner balance.  Illness or disease is in and of itself a negative state.  Working the board will mirror physical negativity and yield undesirable results.  Like attracts like, whether positive or negative.  So it is vital that you approach the experiment in a positive manner.  Avoid working the Ouija when feeling angry, revengeful, confused or depressed.

It may be difficult for most of us to accept the notion of evil spirits that take a fancy to our bodies and minds.  It may seem too much like the theme of many late night horror movies, but there is no doubt about the reality of invading spirits.  The invader will terrify its victim, materializing in a ghostly form,
levitating objects, perhaps levitating the victim.  Those who led vicious, violent lives while on earth will also be vicious and violent after death.  It is this negativity that prevents these spirits from passing over after death.  These are the people you avoid in your ordinary daily life; Ouija experimentation invites them into your life.  And once invited, they will jump at the chance to be with you, to be part of you, to be you!

The seeker has total control over what to ask and whom to ask.  Still the Ouija board can be dangerous, but not because it is evil.  It's dangerous in the sense that it is powerful; in the sense that healing energy is powerful.  It must be used with caution, and then it can do great good.