Thank you for visiting my Web Design Page. 

As most of you know, I love making graphics and am always looking

for something new to try.


I have just started making Background Tiles for website pages.

This is some thing different for me.  I'm just learning how to make them,

and I still have a lot of new techniques to learn and try.  But they are lots of fun.


These have all been created by me . . . . some good and some not so great. 

But I thought I would share them with you anyways.  LOL


If you see anything that perhaps you might like to use, please help yourself.

I will be adding more as time allows.


Credit for using my backgrounds and borders is required,

and the graphic below may be used with a link.






(Click on graphic to download)




All of these backgrounds have been created by me

and are original and have a copyright.


  You may use them for stationery and/or personal websites.


They cannot be used for commercial purposes, financial gain

or placed in a CD collection.
























If you have any comments, suggestions or requests I would love to hear from you.


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