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Witches are regular people like everybody else,
we laugh, we cry, we feel pain and pleasure
just like any other human being.

What sets us apart is that we understand that we are all connected, derived from the same source, and that we must be responsible for our own actions.  We know that what we do will affect everybody and everything, like a ripple on water, and so we dedicate our efforts to cause only good and promote healing for every being.

We respect and venerate the Earth, as our Mother, and follow the cycles of the seasons, to celebrate and give thanks for what we have.

The Moon, our guiding light at night, reminds us that like the seasons,
we too go through many transformations; birth, life, death and rebirth, and that what time we have in this present life, will affect our many other lives to come.  Most witches do not believe in the concept of "heaven"
or "hell".   Some of us believe that after the lessons of life are learned, our soul or essence, or whatever you wish to call it, will return back to the "Source", to add to the knowledge and experiences that are stored within.  If our soul wishes to come back to the physical world, then we can reincarnate, to learn new lessons, or learn the lessons we missed
in a previous life.

But whatever our beliefs may be, Witches, like ordinary people, only want to pursue their dreams and create a better life for themselves and those around them.

As far as Deities are concerned, many Witches believe that the Source
is comprised of two opposites, the Male and Female energies,
merged in perfect harmony.  Depending on the Witches tradition or belief, those two energies are often called many different names, such as Inanna, Persephone, Gaia, or Lillith for the Female energy.  Apollo, Hermes, Thor, are some of the names for the Male.  And then some of us just refer to Them as The Lord and Lady or the God and Goddess.
It is all up to the individual to decide in what form to contact these
two energies.

Now, there are many types of Witches.  Some follow a certain Tradition, and others borrow from different traditions, or create their own. Some work with groups or covens, while others prefer to work alone.

The varieties are almost infinitesimal, and much reading and research is required to learn
about them all.

Eclectic Witch ~ Can practice a mixture of either Traditions, or one of their own making.

Solitary Witch ~ Can be a practitioner of any of the above Traditions.

Wicca ~  The term Wicca has different meanings to different people, Some believe that Wicca should be used only by those who practice the old English Traditions.  Whether you can call yourself a Wiccan or just
a plain Witch is all up to the individual.

Some Witches work with many Magical Tools while others prefer
none at all.  It is all up to the individual.  What ever feels right and comfortable.  Also, the "gender" of the tool does not mean that only males or females are allowed to use the tool.  It simply signifies that,
that particular tool has the attributes or qualities of that gender.

In days of yore, to be a Pagan was to live, simply, with the Earth, following the seasons, joining with other Pagans in the celebrations
of the turning of the Wheel.

The Witches went beyond these simpler ways, seeking to know, to understand, and to put to use the deeper mysteries and magick of the universe, thereby becoming "The Wise One."

Today the two are melding into one, as those who call themselves Pagan extend their boundaries of knowledge and practice.

A Witch is a part and the whole of the Universe, giving birth to the Gods and Goddesses as they give birth to her. She springs from the depths
of the seas, rises to the heavens, only to return, sometimes gently, sometimes violently, to her beloved Earth.  There she begins the journey anew, rising as the sparkling spring, becoming the tinkling brook, the flowing stream, the rushing waters of the mighty river,
returning again and again to the womb of the sea.