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Witches conceive of the energy as an energy field, which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and which sustains us.

We feed off it, and its movement through our body appears as a blue glow.  Animals, plants, clean air and water, physical exercise,
and sex increase vital energy. 

When the raith-energy is low, people become physically ill, tired and emotionally depressed.

Magic uses a great deal of vital energy, and anyone who practices magic regularly must take care not to become depleted.
Beings outdoors, consciously making contact with nature and the elements also restores vitality.

A Witch's power of changing and summoning can shake the balance
of the world.  It is a dangerous power. 

It must follow knowledge and serve need.  To light a candle is to
cast a shadow.  Energy is constantly in motion, it cannot be stopped.  Energy flows in spirals. No form of energy can be exerted indefinitely in one direction only; always it will reach a peak, a point of climax, and then turn. An important aspect of this movement is grounding the energy after it is raised, consciously recognizing its fall as well as its peak, and returning it to the earth, its elemental source.

Nature knows best.  Magic is part of nature; it does not controvert natural laws.

Magic is an art and a discipline, which demands work, practice and effort before it can be perfected.