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Magical tools are consecrated in rites involving the four elements:
Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Magical tools are inscribed with Runes and Symbols.

Witches tools are used in the consecration of Magic Circles.


The witches personal knife.
Usually double bladed with a black hilt and made of steel.


Container used in the burning of herbs, incense and other substances. Used in removing the unwanted energies away from the magic site.


Associated with the female forces of fertility, beauty, earth and subconscious mind.


Symbol of the earth. 
Used to ground energy.


Associated with the element of Fire.
It is sometime used for casting the circle.


Symbolizes the life force within the witch.


The wood used in making a wand.


The witches cauldron is a tool of witches and sorcerers.

It is usually made of iron.

In the witch lore of middle ages, the cauldron was where poisons, ointments and potions were brewed.   Some witches still use the cauldron  when performing rituals.

If used in a ritual the cauldron is usually placed on the witches alter
inside the magic circle. 

There is a strong magical significance to the cauldron in many cultures throughout history.

The Celtics associated cauldrons with fertility, abundance and revival
of the dead.  Cauldrons were also sometimes used in human sacrifice.
The poor victims were sometimes drowned in them or had their throats cut over the cauldron.   Also it is said that the Priestess of the Moon Goddess was required to sacrifice human victims by cutting off their heads over a silver cauldron. Then the blood was boiled to produce a magical drink.

Sacrificial cauldrons also appear in some Shamanic traditions.

In Greek mythology the Witch Goddess could restore people to youth
in a magic cauldron.


The witches cup is also known as a chalice and is used in witchcraft during the preparation of special potions.

It is also used to drink consecrated wine.

It usually takes the form of a goblet made from horn, wood or
polished metal.


This is a string of forty beads or a cord with forty knots.
The knots or beads enable the witch to do repetitive chants without
having to keep count.
This helps the witch to focus will and energy on the desired goal.


The witching hour is the hour of midnight on a full moon.  It is at this
time that the witches spell casting powers are at their fullest.

It is a time of change and transformation.

The history of this may be traced to the ancient times of the worship of Goddess’ associated with the moon and fertility. As the moon waxes in its phases, so do the powers of those, until they culminate at the full moon.

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